How Long Do Cricut Blades Last? & How To Change Them!
how long do cricut blades last

How Long Do Cricut Blades Last? & How To Change Them!

Cricut is a very popular cutter and can help create designs on a wide variety of materials. This means it requires different blades for different projects. The blades will need changing regularly and the length of time they last will depend on what you use them for and how often.

Using thicker materials and making intricate cuts will run the blades down faster than if you cut paper designs or use your cutter infrequently, blades have been known to perform incredibly well for over a year. We’d recommend changing them every 12-18 months, depending on how heavy your usage is.

So, How Long Do Cricut Blades Last?

Sometimes you just know when the blade needs replacing. When it does, don’t leave it too late and try to change it as soon as you can. A blunt blade can lead to you wasting a lot of materials. If you’re not sure, then here are a few things to look out for.

  • If you notice that the edges of your design look slightly ragged and not cleanly cut, then the blade needs replacing.
  • Another indication if you use paper, is you will notice tiny rips in the design. If you’re design is intricate you may also notice that certain areas are not cut out when they should be.
  • You may even notice rips appear in your cutting mat, or the blade could pull your design off the mat altogether.

As cricut has so many uses you will need to change your blade more often if you use thicker materials such as woodchip or thin metals. You also need to consider using the right type of blade depending on what you are cutting. If you use the wrong blade, you may find you have to replace it more often than you ought to.

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The Different Cricut Blades

If you cut different materials, then you will need to change the blade to make sure you get the best cut each time.

  • Rotary blade. This is the best choice for cutting fabrics, tissue paper or cork. The blade is compatible with Cricut Maker, and must be used with the rotary blade housing.
  • Knife blade. Perfect for materials up to 3/32” thick. It is compatible only with Cricut Maker and must be used with the knife blade housing.
  • Scoring Wheel / Double Scoring Wheel. These wheels are used to score lines on crepe paper and cardstock. The QuickSwap housing should be used with these and they are only compatible with Cricut Maker.
  • Fine-point blades / premium fine-point blades. Made with German carbide steel, these high precision blades work on very intricate designs on paper, cardstock and vinyl. Compatible with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore
  • Deep Point blade. This blade is used for intricate designs on metals, chipboard, cardstock, foam and fabrics. It should be used with deep point blade housing and is compatible with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore.
  • Bonded Fabric blade. The best blade for cutting bonded fabrics with intricate designs. Should be used with the Bonded-Fabric blade housing and is compatible with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore

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How To Change The Blade

When your blade needs replacing, make sure you do it as soon as you possibly can.

  1. First you need to remove the knife blade housing.
  2. Then remove the old blade. When you purchase your replacement blade it will include a safety changing cap. This should be placed over the blade so that you don’t cut yourself.
  3. When the changing cap is in place, use it to unscrew the sleeve by turning it counter clockwise. When the sleeve has been unscrewed you can remove the blade by simply turning the housing over. Be careful not to touch the old blade.
  4. To insert the new blade drop it in to the groove in the housing. It should drop all the way in.
  5. With the new blade in place put the changing cap over it then turn it clockwise. The sleeve will secure the blade.
  6. You can now remove the changing cap and put the housing back inside the machine.
  7. You should dispose of the old blade carefully. The best way is to use the sponge your new blade came in before you throw it away.

Some models and blades are changed a little differently but as long as you follow the instructions provided in your machine the process will be easy.

Check out the YouTube video below on how to change your cricut blades if you need a bit more help.

Maintaining the life of your blade means ensuring you have the right blade for the medium you are working with. If you cut regularly you will need to replace your blade more often and it is vital to change it as soon as you notice problems. Changing your place early will ensure you have the best cut every time you use your Cricut machine.

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