Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business [Our Top 7]

best embroidery machine for home business

Embroidery machines are the best choices for those looking to make some fabulous creations alongside a wide range of embroidery stitched projects.

Yet, if you’re looking for the best embroidery machine to use specifically in a home-run business, there are detailed requirements that you may need to look out for – as opposed to simple domestic machines.

Here we review a selection of no less than seven of the best embroidery machines for home business available to buy on Amazon. We also provide a brief but informative buying guide about these products, answering some of the most common questions about embroidery machines for home businesses.

The Best Embroidery Machines for Home Businesses

1. SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine from Brother

Brother sells an embroidery machine which also doubles up as a sewing machine, ensuring you get more for your money!

An Amazon Choice model, this is an inclusive machine which boasts a large color touchscreen. This lets you see your designs clearly and in full color. You can also make any changes here by previewing before stitching.

With an embroidery field of 4 inches by 4 inches, one of the most popular and practical sizes, here you’ll also find a built in alignment feature. This helps with re-hooping allowing multiple designs for your projects.

An automatic needle ensures threading the needle is possible at the touch of a lever, while a super bright LED illuminates your work area.

The SE600 has 103 built-in stitches to take you from everyday stitch to the more custom of design for your creations. There are also six embroidery lettering fonts to access.

With additional features such as a quick set drop-in bobbin, a USB port to import your virtual designs, and a free arm for those cuffs and sleeves, this machine really does allow you to bring a professional but creative look to your home business projects.

Customers of the Brother SE600 Embroidery Machine find this not just nice and easy to use but also more accessible for those more professional of projects due to its color screen features and extensive built-in stitch collection.

2. PE800 Embroidery Machine with Built-in Designs from Brother

Another Brother model, this time it’s the PE800, which claims to take your embroidering to the next level!

Yet again, an Amazon Choice model, the PE800 boasts a variety of extra features, including that of eleven lettering fonts as well as 138 built-in designs.

What’s more, Brother believes the design options available here are unlimited due to the built-in memory and USB port offered. This allows you to store those purchased or customized designs for future reference.

The embroidery field here is slightly larger than average at five inches by seven inches, providing ample space for those larger designs and lettering. It also means less hooping is required.

A large touch LDC display is accessible and in full color, allowing you to see all your embroidery designs at every step of the way, ensuring the result is to your standard before you begin stitching.

A build in LED light offers a super bright work area while an automatic needle threader takes care of the delicate job of threading your needle for you each time.

Also, this model offers extensive design editing meaning you can rotate, increase, decrease, and mirror-image your designs for increased professional results every time.

Customers of the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine find this a fantastic upgrade and a model that allows a lot more functions and features to be performed professionally via the use of the color touch screen.

3. PE535 Embroidery Machine with Touchscreen Display from Brother

Sticking with the highly respectable Brother brand, this is their PE535 model, which is considered one of the most versatile, as well as one of their more affordable machines for those starting with their home business!

Claimed to encourage the most spectacular of embroidery finishes, this is suggested as ideal for beginners and experts. It also comes complete with a 25-year limited warranty to back up such claims.

Here users will find 80 built-in designs plus extra fonts and borders and much more besides.

The built-in memory of this model is also quite something – with a function allowing you to import your designs straight from a USB memory stick.

The large LDC display is a 3.2-inch touchscreen, which is referred to as a Sew Smart function. This allows you to view all your designs in full color before you begin stitching.

With all the usual features you’d expect from a good embroidery machine, the PE535 also boasts a 4 x 4 embroidery field, an automatic needle threader, and exclusive access to a website that offers thousands more of fantastic designs for Brother customers.

Customers of the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine find this is ideal for several project types, making it an essential choice for use in a home business. Considered a great little machine by many, most state it’s a highly reliable runner, easy to use, and also extremely comfortable.

4. 400E Craft Embroidery Machine from Janome

From the makers at Janome comes the 400E Memory Craft machine, which is a dedicated embroidery machine claiming to rival those top of the line embroidery machines all-round!

A most professional looking of machines visually, this offers a larger than average embroidery field, which ensures that all manner of professional projects can be undertaken on it.

This increased embroidery field boasts a figure of 7.9 inches by 7.9 inches. This is where Janome thinks their model comes into its own, rivaling those higher-end machines in the process.

An embroidery only machine, the 400E is jam-packed with an abundance of features. These include 160 built-in designs, various letters, font accesses, a top-loading bobbin, and extensive on-screen editing function for that most perfect of finishes every time.

Claimed to offer the most efficient of sewing speeds, users can also make use of the USB design transfer aspect to increase their project scope.

Along with a built-in advanced needle threader and automatic thread cutter, the full color and touch LDC screen encourages an all-round easier and more comfortable embroidery solution from the machine, which is an excellent choice for home business users.

Customers of the Janome 400E Embroidery machine find this a brilliant choice that is dependable and offers some of the most amazing embroidery results each time. With many customers suggesting this machine handles a lot more than standard machines, it rates highly as a respected brand.

5. SE300 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine from Singer

Another well-respected sewing company, this SE300 model comes from the makers at Singer, offering users the most stylish of combined sewing and embroidery machines!

A portable design making it more efficient for moving around in the home business, this model offers a staggering 250 built-in stitches, which range from the most basic of levels to the more expert. Thus, you can sew a huge variety of projects.

Boasting a high sewing and embroidery speed, you can also ensure that you get to work getting projects finished neatly but in quicker time.

An automatic needle threader allows you to complete the task of threading the needle without frustration.

What’s more, the additional features included with the SE300 are fantastic. Here you’ll find an extra-large embroidery field of 200 mm, snap-on embroidery hoops, bobbin winding action while embroidering, thread sensors, and snap-on presser feet to start!

There’s also an option to utilize the USB sticks embroidery transfer element to increase your design capabilities.

With everything you need to get started, this model comes with all the essentials, getting your home design projects off to the best start possible. Singer also provides a 25-year limited warranty for extra reassurance.

Customers of the Singer SE300 Embroidery Machine find that it initially takes some getting used to, but once you’re confident, the ability to produce some professional-looking projects is vast.

6. MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine from Janome

Another Janome model, this time it’s the MB-4S machine, which is perhaps one of the most professional looking of embroidery machines on the list – but with a price tag to match such professionalism!

If you require the most expert of results and find yourself needing to work on some intricate client projects, then this is the machine for you!

A four-needle embroidery model, the MB-4S boasts a remote computer screen (RCS) that can power several machines and save you spending money on additional controllers. This RCS also allows total control when setting up and editing your projects.

The LED feature here is precise lighting designed to offer the most outstanding results. The LCD screen is also backlit for further convenience.

Three MB of memory is available using this model, meaning you can store a staggering amount of stitches, as much as up to 1,5000,000 in total, as well as up to 100 designs!

With an automatic thread cutter, dedicated bobbin winding motor, and a handsome bonus package, this is the perfect model for professional users as it has quadrupled the capacity of its standard Janome models while providing a world-first four needle machine in the process. This means it works on embroidery home business needs.

Customers of the Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine claim that though this may be an extensive looking model, in use, it is thoroughly approachable whole offering some of the most expert looking finishes ever seen for such an embroidery machine.

7. Horizon 12000 Memory Craft Embroidery Machine from Janome

Our final embroidery machine on the list for review is yet again another Janome and indeed one with a substantial price tag to match.

Yet, this high-value model not only allows a vast selection of embroidery projects but also a combination of much more besides.

The Janome Horizon provides the most advanced PC connections via a horizon link. A stitch composer model, it also introduces a linear motion embroidery system, an acufeed flex, and a staggering eleven inches to the right of the needle.

The most powerful of embroidery machines this is perfect for home business use, especially when it comes to deadlines!

With many customers offering a five-star rating of the Horizon Janome 12000 Embroidery Machine, claiming its functions and smooth running operates along the lines of perfection, this is considered the dream machine!

Buying Guide

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through our reviews on these most fantastic machines, you may have a better idea of the model type that would suit your home business embroidery needs best.

Before you make that final purchasing choice though, let us offer you a little more help in the form of a short buying guide.

Here we offer further advice as to what you should be looking out for when selecting an embroidery machine for your home business. We also answer a couple of the most common questions here that people tend to have about such models.

What to Consider When Purchasing Embroidery Machines for Home Business Use

There are several important factors worth considering before deciding which embroidery machine will suit your requirements best. These include:

Machine Type

Undeniably, sewing machines are the most popular choices in the domestic market. So, some people make the mistake of thinking these often cheaper machines will do for embroidery as well, especially if you have a rigid business budget to adhere to!

Yet, sewing machines are not the same as embroidery machines. So, if your home business involves embroidery work, a standard sewing machine won’t be capable of meeting your needs.

Make sure that your chosen model is a specified embroidery machine, even if it offers sewing with it. That way, you can perform all your embroidery tasks with ease on a dedicated machine that can cope with what you require from this advanced technique.

Good Lighting

Embroidery can be extremely intricate, and for this reason, the best embroidery machine should come with brilliant lighting as standard! If you’re going to using your machine for business, then you’ll more than likely be working on it for large chunks of time. Thus, inadequate lighting will place an unhealthy strain on your eyes. Make sure that your machine has a good LED-lit work area and is as super bright as possible to illuminate your workspace continually.

Adequate Embroidery Field

Standard embroidery fields tend to be four inches by four inches in size. This is considered the most practical and indeed most popular of sizes to allow a good working area. However, if you’re going to be using your machine for multiple designs or indeed a lot of multiple projects, you may want to look for a machine that can offer an increased embroidered field size here.

Built-in Designs and Stitches

Though this factor will differ greatly for each user, the best embroidery machines are capable of offering a vast number of stitches from basic to expert as well as a huge selection of design choices. This will ensure you can get all you need done on your machine without having to break throughout your projects. Even better are those machines that allow you extra storage means via the use of a USB port to utilize additional designs not offered specifically by your model. This gives you the added ability to incorporate them into your work effortlessly.

Automatic Needle Threaders

If your embroidery machine is to be used a great deal throughout the working day, an automatic needle threader may be a lifesaver! When working on many projects, it can become frustrating to have to keep manually threading your needle. What’s more, this feature works to reduce any strain on your eyes. Most embroidery machines offer this element as standard these days, but it’s still an important factor worth checking to ensure the embroidery process remains swift.


What is the difference between an embroidery machine and a sewing machine?

Though both embroidery and sewing machines may have many similarities, the difference lies in their stitching. Therefore, a standard sewing machine will only be able to perform regular stitching, that of contraction stitching, not embroidery stitching.

Are embroidery machines hard to use?

Many experts may tell you that an embroidery machine takes a little more getting used to as opposed to that of a sewing machine. However, this is simply because of the additional features they offer as standard. If you’re selecting an embroidery machine to use within a home business, you’ll more than likely know how to operate such a machine, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to grips with such models. But each machine will vary from the other, and it’s therefore ideal to look online at helpful videos or read up as much as you can on your machine to get the best use from it.

Why are Embroidery Machines expensive?

Unfortunately, an embroidery machine isn’t cheap to purchase! But this is merely because this is a thoroughly technical machine that offers many more features to cater to the demands of embroidering. Though each model will differ in what they offer the user, because of the many built-in designs and stitches along with the increased lighting requirements, color touchscreens, and wider embroidery fields, embroidery machines have better specifications than sewing machines.

Our Conclusion

If your home business demands a specific embroidery machine, there’s no doubt that all models reviewed here are up to such a task!

A specialist machine that can offer the most creative and ultimately most professional of designs, embroidery machines have numerous capabilities making the process of embroidering itself one of the more pleasurable in the meantime.

By selecting that best embroidery machine for home business, you can concentrate on delivering only the best results each time while having on hand the most capable of machines to meet your exact project requirements.

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