Cricut Easy Press Review: Our Thoughts!

If you use cutting machines or heat presses, then you will have heard of the company Cricut. They are an American firm who sell their cutting machines all over the world. They have designed cutters which will help you bring your craft designs to life and they are always looking at ways to make things easier for designers and creators. Their customer base is spread far and wide, and they have a reputation for designing some of the best cutting machines in the business.

Since they created their first cutting machine, they have continued to create machines which push the limits of creativity. They have embraced modern technology to create a range of machines which utilise wireless and Bluetooth technologies and have their own cloud based software, Cricut Design Space.

Their cutting machines can cut patterns from materials such as fondant and paper, to vinyl and fabric and even iron. The machines can score cards and paper, write messages and draw designs and make it easy for you to print and cut them all. The machines are popular with hobbyists and craft stores everywhere, as they make it easy for scrapbookers, quilters, card makers and t-shirt designers, to name just a few.

To help you to design and create even easier, Cricut have now introduced their Easy Press, which you can use after cutting your designs with one of their cutters. The Easy Press uses all their knowledge and experience to help you get your printed designs on to your fabrics and is made to the same high specifications that you would expect from them as well.

To help you find out more about it, we thought we’d do a Cricut Easy Press review and tell you a little more about how it works and what we think.

Cricut Easy Press

The Cricut Easy Press is a heated press which makes it easy to print your designs on to t-shirts, cushions and just about any other fabric. It requires minimal set up, and its lightweight design and small size make it ideal for projects in the home or at work.

In fact, one of the best things about this is the size. It’s much smaller than a standard heat press, and it doesn’t take up any extra space when you use it. You simply lift the pad on to your fabric. Its lovely lightweight design means it can easily be carried to a different room, or taken to another place to use it. It also doesn’t take up much space when you’re not using it, so you’re sure to find a place to store it in the home.

The ceramic coated plate itself is a good size for t-shirts, but it can also be used on other projects too. Just heat the pads, press down on your transfer and your design will stick fast. You don’t even have to time it: the timer will beep when the time has elapsed. If you’re not sure of the temperature or time you need for a particular fabric, there’s a handy reference guide included to help you get it right every time.

One thing we should point out is that because there is no pressure control, you have to push the plate down yourself. The shape of the pad makes it easy to press evenly, but you will need a solid base to press down on. A work table which has some give in it, won’t press very evenly.

The heat is adjustable and there’s a handy LED screen on top of the press so you can tell when the temperature has been reached. The controls are just for the time and temperature and are easy to see and easy to set. It also has an insulated base where you can rest it between presses without having to turn it on and off all the time.

To use this press you simply set the temperature and leave it for a minute. Then choose the time needed to press and place it on top of your transfer. Press down and when the time is up, it will beep to let you know that your press is finished.
Your transfer should then be properly fixed so you can wash your item over and over again without it coming off.

The Easy Press opens the door to so many craft and business projects, including the use of glitters and foils, that you’ll wonder how you managed without one, so let’s look at some of the features in a bit more detail.

Want to see the cricut easy press in action!? Check out the user video below..

Handy Size

The first thing we’ll look at in this Cricut Easy Press review is the size. This is a distinct advantage. Unlike a standard heat press, the Easy Press takes up very little room and it doesn’t need a permanent place to sit. It is lightweight and hand held, making it easy to use and portable, so it can be used anywhere you want. It’s even a great press to be taken to craft shows and business events as it can press t-shirts while your customers wait.

When not in use, it can be stored tidily in a cupboard so you can keep your craft room neat and tidy to keep control of all your projects.

Even Heat

The Cricut Easy Press has a 9 x 9 inch plate. Inside this are two heating elements which ensure the heat is distributed evenly all over the pad. This means there are no cold areas and your transfer always gets the heat it needs. For those who use an iron as a method of heat, the Easy Press makes it so much easier. Instead of having to push down and move the iron around at the same time, you simply place the Easy Press plate on top of the transfer and press. The plate will make sure the transfer is evenly heated as long as you hold it down.

It also comes with a large, wide handle to help you press down evenly to stick your transfer.

Quick Heat Up

Heat presses can take a long time to heat up, due in part to their larger size. The Cricut Easy Press heats up in just 60 seconds – or even less at lower temperatures.

The temperature is very simple to control. On top of the press is a handy LED display and this has two controls with + to increase the temperature, or– to decrease it. You can choose instead to set the timer, and the same two + and – buttons will set the time as well.

The timer will control how long the pad rests on the transfer so you don’t run the risk of leaving it on for too long. The temperature goes up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 C) so you can press on to all fabrics and the press even comes with a chart which tells you the right temperature and time for each fabric.

cricut easy press review

Safety First

No Cricut Easy Press review would be complete without mentioning the safety features, and as you would expect from Cricut, this press has all the safety you need. You don’t have to worry about too many accidents with this press, as it is designed not to overheat and not to let you overheat your fabrics.

It comes with an insulated base where you can rest the press between presses without having to turn it off first. This means you can press more items as you don’t have to wait for it to keep heating back up. If you don’t use it for 10 minutes, it has an auto shut off feature to save it from overheating. You don’t even have to worry about watching the timer and leaving it on the fabric too long, as it will beep once you have pressed on your fabric for your chosen time.

Multiple Uses

The Cricut Easy Press can be used on most fabrics and you can even use it with foils and glitter. It can be used for creating your own t-shirts or baseball shirts, cushions and pillows, throws and tea towels and just about any fabric project you want to print on. Once the transfer has been properly stuck down, your design will stay in place for many washes.

The Good and Bad

As with all things, there are good points and bad points and as this Cricut Easy Press review shows, this press is no exception.


  • It is lightweight and portable, so you can work anywhere you want to
  • It takes up a small amount of space so it is ideal for a hobby room and doesn’t need much storage space
  • Works well on large and smaller items
  • Easy to use controls and fast heat up time


  • While it is not heavy, it does require you to push down to get the best pressure
  • For large designs covering a whole t-shirt, it will require more than one press
  • It does require a solid base to press on


  • Voltage: Maximum input 120V
  • Temp range: 0 up to 350℉ (180 C)
  • Time: Adheres in 60 seconds
  • Printing area: 9 x 9 inches
  • Evenly heated plate


  • Lightweight and portable: carry it with you to trade and craft shows
  • Fast heat up time of 60 seconds or less
  • Easy to use so ideal for beginners as well as experienced pressers
  • Large handle for better control while pressing down on the fabric
  • Insulated safety base to rest the press while still heated
  • Auto shutoff after 10 minutes to prevent overheating
  • Evenly heated plate with no cold spots, so all areas of the transfer are heated
  • Iron-ons are fully adhered to the fabric in just 60 seconds
  • Large, ceramic coated plate is 9 x 9 inches, so it covers small and large designs
  • Includes a reference chart to help calculate the correct time and temperature settings for each project
  • Can be used with glitter fabrics and foils
  • Adjustable temperature from 0 up to 350℉ (180 C)

Our Verdict

The Cricut Easy Press is a lovely press which is ideal for both beginners and those who are more experienced with pressing – check out the latest price here (amazon link).

It can be used for hobbyists, small craft businesses or even just creating your own designs to wear.

It is easy to set up, as all you have to do is place it on its base and turn it on. It has just 2 controls to set, the heat and temperature, and these are on top of the press next to an easy to read LED display. There is no guess work involved when it comes to working out what settings you need either, as Cricut provide a chart to help you there too. Using this press is as easy as 1-2-3: turn it on, wait one minute and press.

The heat up time is quick, and is less than 60 seconds depending on your chosen temperature. This gives you more time for actually pressing your designs, with less time spent waiting for it to heat up. The plate gives an even temperature on all areas and as it covers 9 x 9 inches, it sticks most transfers in one go. Larger designs may need to have more than one press and as there is no pressure control, you do need to press down to make sure your transfer sticks. Be careful what you place your design on before you press as the wrong surface could bend as you press down.

Being able to carry it around makes it far more versatile than a normal heat press as it can be taken and used on site too.
Overall this is a lovely heat press which is perfect for both small and large projects and from a name you know you can trust. The Cricut Easy Press will help anyone looking to create original t-shirt designs or create a range of household linen and is also a fun way to design shirts for your family.

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