Let’s Fix Your Heat Press Error Codes!
heat press error codes

Let’s Fix Your Heat Press Error Codes!

A common question often asked by our readers is how to deal with heat press error codes?

Unfortunately, some users may panic at the first signs of such codes,  especially if they’re not yet familiar with their model. But, such errors do need attending to before you can continue to use your heat press properly.

Here we take a quick look at what these codes mean and how you can efficiently fix them, for when you next find yourself presented with such errors.

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What Are Heat Press Error Codes?

Heat press error codes are merely your machine’s way of telling you that all is not well! They inform the user that the device isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should be.

However, those more frequent of users will tell you that it’s often routine to come up against an error at some point when regularly using these machines.

With many heat presses used as workhorses, it’s understandable that occasionally, they’ll require a bit of attention and maintenance.

Yet, just because you’re presented with an error code, it doesn’t mean your machine is about to go pop!

The Most Common Heat Press Error Codes

Here we’ve identified and explained those most common of heat press error codes, or display faults, users are likely to come across when using these fantastic workhorses:

PF = Power Failure

The most commonplace of codes, PF indicates that there’s been a power failure at some point during the machine’s operation. Fortunately, PF is also a simple code to fix.

PF Solution:

Press the START button to continue with the cycle

If this doesn’t work, press the machine’s STOP/CANCEL button to clear the display completely.

The remaining three error codes will need a little more investigating, though. These codes include:

E1 = Thermistor Open

The code E1 will flash when the thermistor of your heat press is open.

E2 = Thermistor Shorted

The code E2 will flash when the thermistor of your heat press has shortened.

E3 = User Interface Mismatch or Software Mismatch

The code E3 will flash whenever there’s a keyswitch mismatch or a software mismatch. This code will however, only show itself when the press is in the Diagnostic Test Mode.



How to Clear the E Codes of a Heat Press

When it comes to sorting E codes, there are a few stages required in which you can investigate further the initial causes of the errors.

Clearing E1 AND E2 Codes: A thermistor test will need to be performed.

E1 and E2 Solution: Thermistor Testing for Your Heat Press

Before you begin this test, check your dryer is empty and that your lint screen is clear.

  • Select COTTON/TOWELS cycle
  • Select the MORE TIME or LESS TIME option
  • Ensure the door is closed
  • Select START

There should then be two possible outcomes from this test:

  1. The E1 or E2 code will flash on your machine’s display as the dryer shuts itself off. This indicates that either the thermistor or the wire harness is shortened or opened.

The solutions here involve checking your machine’s wire connection at both the thermistor and the electronic control.

If you find the wiring is functional, then you’ll need to replace the thermistor.

  1. The dryer appears to be operating correctly.

This will require you to remove the machine’s exhaust vent and then start the dryer once more.

You should check here the exhaust temperature is within the range specified by your machine’s manual.

Clearing E3 Codes: A component check will need to be performed

E3 Solution: Component Checking your Heat Press

For E3 Codes, a little further work is required by checking your components part numbers against your manufacturer’s part numbers to ensure they’re correct.

If these do not match, you’ll need to replace each incorrect one.

However, if this isn’t the problem and all component numbers are, in fact, correct here, you’ll need to continue with the console switches and indicators tests.

E3 can also indicate a failure on the electronic control. This will require you to check the functioning of the touchpad. This is a task that will need to be completed before you replace the electronic control.

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Heat Press Machines Are Reliable Models

Finally, it’s worth remembering that heat press machines that regularly get put through their paces will be prone to the occasional error.

However, being able to recognize what each error code means allows you to fix the problem quickly while getting on with the project at hand.

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