The Pink Heat Press: Craft CP912-120 Review

The Pink Heat Press: Craft CP912-120 Review

The Craft CP912-120 makes your designing fun. Its wonderful pink color really makes it stand out but is also has great functionality to help you create your own unique designs.

This is an excellent heat press for all users as it’s lightweight and easy to use.

The Pink Heat Press

  • Portable
  • Compact size
  • Can be used with all fabrics
  • Digital time and temperature display
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Teflon coated heating platen

Craft CP912-120 Features

The Pink Heat Press is ideal for those new to designing as well as those who already have their own business. Its features make it easy to use and set up.

  • Lightweight

The heat press weighs just 35lbs. When compared to some heat presses which are 55lb, this is a more portable machine.  One of the disadvantages of most heat presses is that they are hard t move once they are in place. For beginners, that means you need to know immediately where you want to site it. With the Pink Heat Press, you can move it until you are happy with where it is.

It’s also perfect for those who run their own business and attend craft shows or trade events. It can be taken with you so you can offer your customers their choice of design while they wait.

  • Smaller size

The overall size of this heat press is 12.75” x 17.25” x 12.5” when it’s closed, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who does not have much space, so it will fit easily in to a craft room. It’s also easier to store when not in use as it can be kept neatly in a cupboard.

  • Digital display

The most important settings on a heat press are the time and temperature. These need to be set exactly so you get the best result, and you need to be able to adjust them. Setting the right time and temperature on this heat press is quick and simple, thanks to the clear digital display. Simply choose the settings you want and you’re set to go.

  • Adjustable pressure

When you first begin using a heat press, it can take a few attempts to get it right. This heat press has adjustable pressure, but unlike some heat presses, this is over-the-center. This simply means that the pressure if adjusted from the center of the platen so that your design will be pressed evenly, right up to the edges.

  • Teflon coated platen

The heated platen is Teflon coated which means you have a non-stick surface when pressing your design. If you have any accidents while pressing it will be easier to clean, but a Teflon coated sheet is always recommended as well.

Clamshell Heat Press

The Pink Heat Press is a clamshell design so the top opens up on a hinge in the middle. This also means it takes up less space when you are using it, as the platen does not swing out.

Simply open the press and place your fabric on the lower platen. Place your transfer on top and close the lid. When you pull the handle down it will lock the platens together and the timer will start to count down. When the timer has finished, pull up the handle to open the press and your design should be ready.

The platen is 9” x 12” so it’s perfect for any small business or home crafters. It can print on most fabrics and it’s an excellent choice for printing on to:

  • T-shirts, sports shirts and sweatshirts
  • Children’s clothing
  • Pillow cases, cushions, towels and tea towels
  • Tote bags and purses
  • Metal
  • Wood

You must watch this great review of Craft’s pink heat press from TheRhinestoneWorld.. Enjoy!

The Pink Heat Press offers all the functionality of a larger heat press, and comes at a price which makes it easily affordable for anyone looking to get started with creating their own designs. If you’re just starting out then this will help you get used to operating a press and working with the high temperature, and the size is a great choice for anyone who wants to build up their business by offering their services off-site.

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