VILL Designs Bundle Review – Best Value For Money?

vill designs reaview

In order to thrive in the online T-shirt industry, every business needs a combination of:

  1. Good materials and solid print quality
  2. Great service
  3. Winning designs

As much as the first 2 are important, having winning designs is maybe the single most important factor in the success of a T-shirt business.

But what makes a good winning design? And how can I know a design will be a “winner”?

Well, you don’t. At least not until you put your design out there and see if people like it or not.

It so important to constantly keep testing different designs until you hit that winner, that’s why buying designs in large bundle is maybe the ideal solution for T-shirt business owners.

In this article we will go over the 1200 designs bundle by VILL Designs.

Why VILL design? 

In my opinion, after trying multiple bundles from many design companies, I honestly think that VILL Designs offers the best value for money. The designs are very good, and the price is almost unreal.

1200 designs for $57 is $0.0475 per design!

What makes this bundle so good?

1. Engaging Designs

Every design bundle has its selling point. From complex works of art to clean and minimalistic. For VILL designs, it’s the excitement and buzz their designs create. The bundle showcases a combination of funny, intelligent, witty, and engaging designs. Designs that people like, share, and comment on just for fun, because they made them smile.

The math here is very simple – More engagement = More sales.

The high engagement from these captivating designs attract traffic and create a loyal customer base around your brand.


2. The design quality

There’s a lot of skill, time and thought that goes into creating eccentric designs. It really seems like VILL Designs spared none of those when creating their bundle.

Everything from the phrases on the designs, down to the fonts, colors, structure and alignment, is really outstanding.

They say on their website that their team of designers have years of experience in the T-shirt business so they know what makes a winning design. Well, I think they are not lying.

3. Price compared to other bundles

Compared to all the other design bundles out there, the VILL designs bundle offers the absolute best value for its’ price.

In all my years in the business I have never came across this good of a deal.

$0.0475 per design is a true bargain, the best one I have found so far.

4. Highly converting

In order to understand why those designs are highly converting, we need to go back and talk about the fact that they are so engaging. The natural buzz these designs create generates a lot of organic reach. People will naturally share like comment and tag their friends, and that is something that attracts more eyeballs to the T-shirt. The more people see your T-shirts, the number of potential buyers grow, and the number of sales you get grows with it. It’s that simple.

Top tip: This bundle is marketed as a T-shirt designs bundle, but all the designs in it also work very well on hoodies, posters, canvases, hats and mugs.

5. Ready to use designs

Having Ready-to-use designs is the greatest time saver in this business.

Creating designs yourself or running around in sites like Fiverr to look for designs can take hours or even days, and this is something you don’t need to spend your time on as a T-shirt business owner. Time is your most important resource and you need to use it on things that really matter – Marketing your business, getting sales, and building a good community around your brand.

With this bundle I never need to adjust the resolution or cut out the background, like in other bundles I tried in the past. Those designs come in a PNG format and have a high-resolution of 300 DPI, 4500×5400 Pixels and a transparent background, so I can use them right away anytime.

6. Editable designs

One of the best features of this bundle is that the designs also come in the original PSD format. With a little knowledge in Photoshop (or any other design software that supports PSD’s) it’s super easy to customize the designs and make them more unique. The text, fonts, colors and graphics are all editable. How wonderful is that? 😊


7. The large variety

The 1200 designs in the bundle cover a very large variety of niches. It’s great if you are just starting out and not sure which niche you want to focus on yet, and if you already have a large customer base and you want to expand your product line and scale your business to different niches and audiences.

From animals and hobbies, to occupations and sports, and also designs for men, women, girls and boys, this bundle really covers it all.

90+ Niches. Source –

8. It works with every printing method (heat-press, vinyl cutters, screen printing, print on demand services)

The designs in this bundle come in the perfect dimensions for shirts. The resolution is high and the background is transparent, so no matter how you print your designs, these designs are Print-ready in every method.

9. Quick delivery, easy download

Right after you place your order you get the download links to your email, and I liked that very much. The fact that I can store the designs on my computer means they are forever available for me to use, and I don’t need to access a third-party server every time I want to use a design.

The files are large and the download takes around 10-20 minutes so you just need to make sure your internet connection is solid before you start the download.



Buying design bundles is one giant time saver for me and my business. This is something I do and will keep on doing for many years to come. So, is the bundle I got from VILL Designs the best one so far? Absolutely! 1200 designs for this price is a true bargain, and the ROI is through the roof. I was never so pleased with a bundle like I am with this one.

And the answer is YES – This bundle from VILL Designs is the best value for money out there today, and I can’t wait for them to release more!


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