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best heat press for home use

Best Heat Press for Home Use: Our Top 3!

Finding the right heat press can seem like a tough task for anyone who is looking to buy their first one. The current popularity of these devices means that there are numerous models around to choose from. How will you know which one is right for you, though? The ideal […]

how to print on plastic bags
Our Guide

How To Print On Plastic Bags: Heat Press Tips!

Many small businesses print their own logo on to plastic bags as it can be more cost effective than buying them in bulk already printed. Printing your own bags gives you greater control if you want to change the logo, or even print some to advertise a particular promotion. Most […]

best heat press machine for beginners

Best Heat Press Machine For Beginners

Heat press machines can be used for many applications, both at home and for a business. If you’re a beginner to using a heat press, the process can seem very daunting, but a heat press is actually quite easy to use, once you have some practice. Popular applications include putting […]