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best heat transfer vinyl

Best Heat Transfer Vinyl [10 Recommended Bundles]

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating your own unique design and seeing the finished product. T-shirt designs let you use your creativity to the full, but to make them you will need to find the best transfer vinyl for the job. Here we review the best heat transfer vinyls to […]

silhouette cameo 3 review

Silhouette Cameo 3 Review: Do We Recommend It?

As regular users of digital cutting machines, we’re often asked for our professional thoughts and opinions on current product ranges. Most recently, we’ve had several people asking us to rate Silhouette’s cutting machine, the Silhouette Cameo 3 (amazon link).   A Brief Background to the Silhouette Cameo 3 Released in […]

what is sublimation printing
Our Guide

What is Sublimation Printing? [Our Simple Guide]

One of the most popular methods when it comes to printing, if you don’t know much about the printing process, then the sublimation technique may sound complicated! However, the results it derives are divine, more so when it comes to those more detailed designs. Sublimation printing encourages a higher quality […]

how to weed vinyl
Our Guide

How to Weed Vinyl [Our Guide for 2021]

For those not yet familiar with the act of weeding, this is one cutting technique that is hugely popular when creating vinyl designs. Not to be confused with the act of gardening, weeding vinyl is a fantastic technique that derives some of the most intricate and indeed extravagant of designs! […]

what does flatten mean on cricut

What Does Flatten Mean On Cricut?

If you create designs for t-shirts, greetings cards or stickers, you will need to create them, then cut them out. Most image editing programs allow you to build up your design using multiple layers. If you work with layers you may need to use the flatten tool when you come […]

can you polyurethane over stickers
Our Guide

Can You Polyurethane Over Stickers?

Stickers are designed to be long lasting, but sometimes you want to give them that extra bit of protection. You can put polyurethane over your stickers, but be careful how you do it. Some surfaces react to polyurethane differently to others and you may end up damaging your sticker. Why […]