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can you polyurethane over stickers
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Can You Polyurethane Over Stickers?

Stickers are designed to be long lasting, but sometimes you want to give them that extra bit of protection. You can put polyurethane over your stickers, but be careful how you do it. Some surfaces react to polyurethane differently to others and you may end up damaging your sticker. Why […]

can oracal 651 be used on shirts
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Can Oracal 651 Be Used On Shirts?

Oracal 651 is an adhesive vinyl which can be used to make stickers and decals. It cannot be used in a heat press, so it is not a good choice for using with shirts or fabrics. It can be stuck on to a t-shirt, but it will come off when […]


The Pink Heat Press: Craft CP912-120 Review

The Craft CP912-120 makes your designing fun. Its wonderful pink color really makes it stand out but is also has great functionality to help you create your own unique designs. This is an excellent heat press for all users as it’s lightweight and easy to use. The Pink Heat Press […]