Cricut Design Space Cost Breakdown For 2021
cricut design space cost

Cricut Design Space Cost Breakdown For 2021

One of the best things about the Cricut die-cutting machine is its versatility. With the right knowhow and access to basic designs, there’s virtually no limit to the kinds of projects you can do. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s inexpensive…

Or is it? To get the most out of your new machine, you’ll need to access the Cricut Design Space. This website hosts a plethora of design ideas and templates that is both easy to explore and use. Since every new device comes with a free trial, many users don’t know if there is an actual Cricut Design Space cost. Here is a breakdown of how the service works.

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Details of Design

Before looking at how the service works, it’s important to note that Cricut Design Space is free to use. You can browse at your heart’s content, looking for anything that piques your interest. Once you find a “Make It Now” project or image, you pay a small fee for its use. Some limited options are also available for free.

If you’re looking for more options or simply use your Cricut for a lot more than monthly projects, you have another option. Purchasing a Cricut Access Membership opens the doors to a wealth of projects that are available immediately, at no additional cost. This means you can search, download and use images and “Make It Now” projects at your convenience with no worries about how much you’ll spend.

Can You Use Cricut Design Space Without a Subscription?

Whether you’ve gotten the access membership or not, there is no initial cost to explore the Design Space at all! While many new designers head to the site with a free Access subscription in hand, they are under the impression that it’s a necessary cost once the trial runs out.

The Cricut Design Space cost remains 100% free. While there are benefits to having a membership, opting to go without still lets you search through projects and images at your leisure. Most pictures will cost $1 and the projects are available fro $3 to $7 depending on complexity. You also still have the option to upload your own projects as well!

The Difference Membership Makes

If you are OK with the limitation of paying for projects as you need them, there’s no real reason why you’ll want to hand over a subscription fee. While you might think it’s unnecessary, there are a few reasons why choosing a membership makes more sense than going á la carte.

  • You work on more than one or two projects a month
  • Multiple people in your household use Cricut
  • You are interested in making gifts for special events
  • Children use the Cricut for school projects
  • You feel limited by the number of crafts you can do currently
  • There are many “Make It Now” projects you’d like to try

Even at such a low price, buying images one at a time can add up. Crafting multiple projects one month can quickly escalate expenditure into the double digits. The simplest choice to keep costs down while your Cricut runs non-stop is to obtain or renew membership.

The Key to Access

Once you’ve decided if the program is for you, it’s time to take a look at how much it can save you. The Cricut Design Space cost for membership through Access varies depending on how you’d like to pay. There are three levels:

  1. $9.99/month, paid monthly: Choosing the lowest tier and paying on a month-by-month basis gives you full access to over 400 fonts and 75,000 images with an additional 10% off all store items (including sales). You’ll also get 10% off of premium designs and fonts like Disney. A great option for people who want to try out the service for a month or two.
  2. $7.99/month, paid annually: Not only does this level get you off of the hook for monthly payments, but paying in one yearly sum gives you a 20% discount on your membership while keeping all of the benefits of basic membership. Excellent for crafters that like the basic package but don’t enjoy wasting money.
  3. $9.99/month, paid annually: Who wouldn’t want basic-level cost with premium benefits like 50% off some licensed fonts and free shipping on orders over $50? This is the perfect choice for hard-core crafters that love to experiment with a lot of different licensed options and get the most out of their Cricut devices.

An Access membership will cost between $95.88 to $119.88 each year. Basically even the lowest tier will save your wallet from overuse. Four of the most inexpensive $3.00 projects from the Cricut Design space cost more than the basic subscription, so signing up even for a single month will keep money in your pocket where it belongs!

Finding a Reason

After the initial infatuation with a new machine has passed, many crafters end up letting their Cricut collect dust in the corner. Maybe it was a gift that you didn’t really want, or perhaps you haven’t had a reason to bring it out again. That’s where a Circuit Access Membership can really shine.

With so many options at your fingertips, it’s easy to find new uses for your Cricut device. For example, printing out custom vinyl designs as window clings and making incredible pumpkin designs during Halloween ensures your home is decorated perfectly. Searching for holiday gift ideas is a snap, and with a membership most projects can be printed right away, saving you valuable time at the store!

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy using Cricut devices but can never find a good project to work on, look into Access Membership. It could give you just the right project, or fuel ideas for entirely new ones. Even if you decide monthly or annual payments aren’t for you, the Cricut Design Space cost remains at zero, so you can still use your machine to create incredible crafts at a moment’s notice!

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