Best Transfer Tape For Oracal 651 [Our 4 Recommendations]
best transfer tape for oracal 651

Best Transfer Tape For Oracal 651 [Our 4 Recommendations]

When you are looking for a reliable adhesive vinyl for use in all your creative projects, you can’t go wrong with Oracal 651.

This is an adhesive vinyl which you can apply to non porous items and to do this you will need some transfer tape. It is brilliant for both indoor and outdoor use and suitable for so many different applications you will wonder how you ever managed without it. But you will need reliable transfer tape so let’s have a look at some of the best transfer tape for oracal 651 you can get before we find out more about transfer tape and how you can use it.

Best Transfer Tape For Oracal 651: Our Recommendations!

Transfer tape is what you use to transfer your vinyl design on to your chosen product. Transfer tape must be easy to use and reliable and we have picked four here which we know will do the job with your Oracal 651.

1. Oracal Transfer Tape Roll 12 inch x 50 Feet

Key Features
  • 50 foot roll
  • Grid pattern on the back
  • Authorized Oracal distributor

Oracal Transfer Tape Roll 12 inch x 50 Feet is the perfect size for all your chosen designs. This tape is produced by Swing Design who are a fully authorized Oracal distributor so you know they are both approved and reliable.

The transfer tape is see-through and the back has a grid design making it easier for you to cut to the right size and shape. As it is transparent it is very easy to place over your vinyl design and then position perfectly on your finished product.

The tape will work best on clean, dry surfaces and you get the best results with official Oracal 651 as long as the vinyl is not dried out or been left unused for too long.

The size of this roll will allow you to work on projects of any size and shape and help you to finish your designs quickly and easily.

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2. Oracal 12″ X 10′ Feet Roll Clear Transfer Tape w/Grid

Key Features
  • 10 foot roll
  • Grid pattern on the back
  • Official Oracal tape

Oracal 12″ X 10′ Feet Roll Clear Transfer Tape w/Grid for Adhesive Vinyl is Oracal’s own transfer tape and so will work perfectly every time with your Oracal 651.

The tape can be used with designs cut from Cricut, Silhouette and Cameo and works well with other vinyls too.

These rolls are 10 feet in length and vinyl itself is clear so that you can see where to position your finished design every time. The size of the roll makes it about any size of project and the back of the tape has a grid pattern so you can cut it out exactly to the size you need it.

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3. ORACAL 651 Gloss White Adhesive Craft Vinyl 12″ Roll

Key Features
  • 15 foot roll
  • Combined pack of vinyl and transfer tape

The ORACAL 651 Gloss White Adhesive Craft Vinyl 12″ Roll for Cameo, Cricut & Silhouette gives you everything you need as it includes a both vinyl and a free roll of transfer tape.

The tape is clear so that you can see your design properly to position it and is 15 feet in length. It can be used on any project and as it includes Oracal 651 vinyl you can get to work straight away.

The vinyl is everything you would expect from Oracal. It has a high gloss finish, it is resistant to scratches, scuffs and water and it can be used in all plotters including Vinyl Plotters, Silhouette and Cricut machines

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4. ORACAL 651 Gloss White Adhesive Craft Vinyl 12″ Roll

Key Features
  • 300 foot roll
  • Official Oracal product
  • Bulk purchase

For the serious crafter the Oracal High Tack Transfer Tape 24 Inch x 300 Feet Value Rolls represents excellent value for money.

These rolls are 300 feet in length so if you have a small business then this is a good choice if you. The tape is semitransparent making it easy to view your design as you position it and will work well with both Matt and gloss vinyls.

The tape is easy to cut so you can work smoothly with large and small designs alike and can even be used with other vinyls including glitter vinyls.

As an official Oracal product you can have every confidence that the tape is reliable and will give you the best results every time.

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About Oracal 651

Oracal 651 is a very popular vinyl and when you look at it a bit more closely it’s not hard to see why.

  • The vinyl is classed as a permanent one which means it cannot easily be removed. Over time it may start to flake away but it should last outside for up to 6 years. To remove it you will need to scrape it or use an adhesive remover.
  • It is a waterproof vinyl making it perfect for any outdoor project. It’s also a great choice for any designs which may need to go in a dishwasher.
  • The surface of the vinyl is glossy so that your design will really stand out when it is finished.
  • It comes in an incredible choice of up to 63 different colors, including transparent.

Uses for Oracal 651

Although Oracal 651 is ideal for use outdoors it can also be used for many other indoor projects. The list of projects you can use it for is almost endless. Here are just a few.

  • Signs. Oracal 651 is used for both indoor signs for decoration and for outdoor signs for businesses and house names.
  • Interior decoration. There are so many uses from wall decals, to decorating mirrors and doors.
  • Car decals. Oracal 651 is waterproof so it is used for car and bike decals.
  • Household items. You can really use your imagination as it can be used on mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, plant pots, vases, storage jars and just about anything it will stick to.

It does not work well with clothes as the adhesive will not stick very well. Before you set about applying your transfer tape and vinyl, clean and dry the surface thoroughly to remove all dirt and grease.

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What Else Do You Need?

When making vinyl stickers, as well as your transfer tape, you will need a few other items of equipment to get started.

  • Burnishing tool. This helps you transfer your vinyl smoothly to the transfer tape and then from the tape to your item.
  • Cutting machine. To cut your design you need a cutting machine. Cricut are a popular choice but the vinyl works well with all makes, we’ve reviewed the cricut here.
  • Weeding tool. When the cutter cuts out your design you may still have blocked in areas. A weeding tool helps you cut these out.

Check out the YouTube video below on how to use Oracal transfer tape – it’s really useful!

So, To Conclude!

Creating the right design means using the best products for the job. Cheaper transfer tapes may work, but when working with Oracal 651 you need a good quality tape so that your design is properly transferred and does not peel off with the tape.

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